Company Director

Jade has been playing RPGs for over thirty years! He's a family man with three little monsters and works from home as a professional 3D & concept artist.



Company Director

Peter is a long-time lover of fantasy, sci fi, and all types of RPGs. When he's not hatching evil plans for LSRPG, he enjoys nerding out over fine wine, spirits and beer, cooking delicious food, and adventuring outdoors.



Company Director

A mysterious, enigmatic man... but we love him anyway :)



Multi Media Manager

Sean (a.k.a. MEDM) is a professional singer, actor, and Dungeon Master, and he’s extremely grateful that so much of his week is consumed by storytelling. He started playing RPGs back when there was only one flavor of nacho tortillas chips.

david 2.jpg


Operations Manager

David got started on table top RPGs back in college with Pathfinder and has been playing and running games ever since. These days, when he's not playing D&D, David can be found fixing other people's computer and technical problems or playing a video or board game with friends and family.



Executive Producer

Buddy started playing D&D in the early 90’s, and has played on and off ever since. He was most recently drawn back in during 2018 and has been playing with friends in Ohio, Oregon, California, Connecticut, and New York ever since. Buddy is a theatrical designer, with lighting and sound being his primary focus. He has lived in Texas since 2008, but still regularly returns to Ohio to work with Ohio Shakespeare Festival, who he has been with since 2003. Buddy also does some consultation and architectural installation work with various design teams.

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Editor & Website Manager

Professional singer by day, avid gamer by night, and mega-nerd 100% of the time. Elena has been running tabletop RGP games for 9 years, and she occasionally gets to play in them too! 



Marketing & Merchandise Manager

Amy has been managing channels in the Twitch and YouTube gaming communities for 10 years. An avid gamer herself, she loves all things RPG. In her free time, she also enjoys crafts, soap and candle making, and is working on a fantasy novel.



Social Media Manager

Chale’s been playing tabletop RPGs and streaming online for 2+ years and loves every minute of it! When she’s not streaming or working as a Lab Technician, she enjoys Twitter, singing, and drawing. She’s also not a Mimic.