Who are Lawful Stupid RPG?

Lawful Stupid RPG is a community of roleplaying gamers. We host games for our community and stream shows live on Twitch. We also just hang out and chat about gaming in general.

Where can I watch your shows?

You can find our shows under the 'shows' tab. We livestream on Twitch and also upload our VOD's to YouTube. You can find these links in our media icons at the bottom of the page. Also if you check the schedule at the top of the page, you can see when each show is planned to go live.

How do I join a game as a player?

For our games streamed on Twitch, a slot needs to be open in the game. You would then need to audition for that slot. Sometimes, we have guest spots open in our streamed games - we fill these with community members or people from other streams.

How do I run a game as a GM?

To run a game for community members, you can advertise for players in the #general-chat channel on our Discord. If you wish to apply as one of our official DM's and have your own show, then send Jade a message. That way we can arrange an audition for you to show us your talents.

Where does the community hang out?

We hang out on our Discord channel. Come join the snot goblin army!

Why are we called Lawful Stupid RPG?

Because we thought it was a fun gaming term. And Chaotic Bastard was already taken.