Imperial Torlec endured unchallenged for over two thousand years, but now the rot of corruption has reached its heart. With the flames of rebellion gripping the land, enemies mustering at the gates, and the old order collapsing, the end comes swiftly for once-great Torlec.

This vast realm – unequalled since the mythical Elder Days – faces its inevitable end and must soon pass into darkness, lost like so many others throughout Erroth’s long history. As the empire perishes, there are those who cling to existence in the face of oblivion.


On Torlec’s southern borders, at the edge of the vast Kashagarene deserts, a lone outpost braves these dark days alone. There, House Vallandor stands before the oncoming night. There, the men and women who call Vallandor home must learn the true meaning of courage – or risk losing everything as their world crumbles around them.


The character art for Erroth is by Aernout van Pallandt. Check out more of his work!

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