Lawful Stupid RPG is excited to bring you thrilling RPG action featuring players from the USA, Europe, and the Middle East.

We’re fans of a wide variety of gaming styles, from old school dungeoneering, to story-driven epics, to cinematic drama.  

We’ll showcase authentic gaming from experienced gamers with a strong community focus. Come join the fun!

meet the team



founder & cast member

Jade has been playing RPGs for over thirty years! He's a family man with three little monsters and works from home as a professional 3D & concept artist.



Dungeon master & Castmember

Peter is a long-time lover of fantasy, sci fi, and all types of RPGs. When he's not hatching evil plans for LSRPG, he enjoys nerding out over fine wine, spirits and beer, cooking delicious food, and adventuring outdoors.




Chale’s been playing tabletop RPGs and streaming online for 2+ years and loves every minute of it! When she’s not streaming or working as a Lab Technician, she enjoys Twitter, singing, and drawing. She’s also not a Mimic. 



Dungeon Master &

cast member

Sean (a.k.a. MEDM) is a professional singer, actor, and Dungeon Master, and he’s extremely grateful that so much of his week is consumed by storytelling. He started playing RPGs back when there was only one flavor of nacho tortillas chips.



cast member

Panda (a.k.a. CirqueDuPanda) is a variety streamer on Twitch who loves TTRPG's, gaming, and anime! A big dork who seduced and killed zeus, wrote undead dragons love letters and offered her pinkies to a demogorgon... her characters are also interesting.



founder & Dungeon master

Mark started gaming in 1982 and hasn't managed to stop yet. He is a father of three, editor, and musician, and spends his free time rolling dice and being a kind and generous DM.



cast member

Amy has been managing channels in the Twitch and YouTube gaming communities for 10 years. An avid gamer herself, she loves all things RPG. In her free time, she also enjoys crafts, soap and candle making, and is working on a fantasy novel.

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Cast member

Professional singer by day, avid gamer by night, and mega-nerd 100% of the time. Elena has been running tabletop RGP games for 9 years, and she occasionally gets to play in them too! 



dungeon master &

cast member

Ryan is a fight director/actor manager for the Ohio Shakespeare Festival. Loving partner to his warrior maiden Tess and father to his princess Zelda, he spends his days in his Buckle and Rose shop making leather goods, painting, and crafting adventures (and puns.) A lover of swords he is a sharp fellow with a bit of an edge who loves a fine point and abhors dull conversation but, to cut to the end, it's been slice chatting with you.



castmember & Makeup &(mis)information

Liz has been playing TTRPG’s for the last 2 years and has fallen in love with it! She’s so happy to be a part of the LSRPG family. When she’s not rollin’ dice and takin’ names, she has the privilege of singing and tasting wine for money! In addition to making music and drinking wines, Liz enjoys the culinary arts, being outdoors, gaming, and knitting things for her friends and family. Oh, she also really loves doing her makeup and giving very factual updates about the LSRPG campaigns in her recap show, Makeup with Miss Information.